Navigating Dementia Home Care

November 3, 2023

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are terms that we commonly hear used interchangeably, however they are not the same thing. Dementia is an umbrella term for various impairments of brain function. Since no two cases of dementia are alike, care can look considerably different for everyone. One day might involve doing puzzles and making art to help with mental function, and the next may involve companionship and storytelling. Regardless of what type of care and support your loved one needs, here are some tips to help you navigate dementia home care. our caregivers are trained to effectively deal with any challenges that may arise.   

Communication Challenges

Good, clear communication is vital, especially for those with dementia. Each person will have different symptoms, triggers, and ways they prefer to communicate. Knowing the person that you are caring for and making note of their preferences can be helpful for you as the caregiver. One mistake that people often make is talking to the person with dementia like a child, which can be problematic and demeaning. To effectively communicate, be calm and clear while using short, simple sentences. Keep conversations brief, while paying attention to their non verbal cues as well. Taking breaks might be necessary if they become agitated, anxious or aggressive. 

Stick to a Routine

If you are their regular caregiver, try to keep the client on a consistent schedule. If the family provides a schedule, stick to it everyday. If not, create a calendar or time table for yourself and any other caregiver who may be spending time with the client. Routine can be helpful for those dealing with anxiety and comforting to someone who is suffering from confusion. 

Assisting with ADLs

Dementia can make performing ADLs difficult or impossible. They can forget all together how to perform tasks, their decision making skills may diminish, leading to poor choices, or their ability to focus can be affected, and essential tasks may never get done. For instance getting dressed can be stressful due to the variety of choices and the decision making that is required, but by simplifying the process, you are eliminating a lot of that stress. Bathing may be difficult for them, but by allowing them to add the soap to the washcloth, or pick out their favorite shampoo, you are allowing them to maintain some level of independence and control.

While there is no rule book when it comes to dementia care, Cornerstone Caregiving strives to provide authentic, compassionate care for your loved ones. To ensure that activities of daily living are getting done in a safe and professional way, non-medical home care, such as Cornerstone Caregiving, could be the answer. 


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