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Over 20 Home Care Service Options for the Elderly In Pueblo

Life’s changes feel less overwhelming in a familiar place; a place like home. A place where care recipients feel comfortable. Our understanding staff respects the importance of your loved one’s home, time, and interests

Cornerstone regards our role in caregiving as important and meaningful. Care recipients deserve our very best; that’s why we work hard to offer services that promote value and self-worth in your loved one’s daily routine.

“Cornerstone provides incredibly caring, competent, and consistent service. They’re our family’s go-to, and I highly recommend them to be yours.”

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Personal Care

We are happy to care for the basic needs of seniors in a way that preserves their dignity.

Attentive assistance with the essential details of personal upkeep.
Personal care that helps your loved one look their best, as they choose.
Hygiene services that assure dignity and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Incontinence Service
Preserving dignity for those who hesitate to ask, but need assistance with this personal matter.
24-Hour Care
Our caregivers can attend your loved one around the clock.
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Our caregivers will help your loved one get around and take care of business.

Medical Appointments
Visiting a doctor, dentist, or other important commitments.
Whether browsing or buying, seniors enjoy getting out and getting what they need.
Sometimes picking up one or two things in town is a much-needed outing.
Social Activities
Social activities differ among healthcare recipients. We look forward to discovering which ones your loved one prefers.
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Health & Nutrition

Our caregivers will do all they can to make sure your loved one stays healthy.

Medicine Reminders
Our caregivers are there to hand them the pill case and make sure they take their medicine.
Nutrition Care
Helping them eat what they should, knowing their preferences and restrictions.
Meal Preparation
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served, whether made together as an activity, or served to a loved one that prefers to stay out of the kitchen.
Recovery Aid
Helping those recovering from time spent in the hospital due to sickness or injury.
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Our caregivers will help your loved one stay active safely.

Taking some time in the day to go for a walk and get some fresh air.
Physical Therapy
When a physical therapist is not there, we help with home therapy reminders and assistance.
Exercise Classes
So much fun they’ll forget that it’s good for them!
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We are there to keep your loved one company and keep their spirits up.

From cars to puzzles to quilting and everything in between, we learn about your loved ones through their interests.
Approachable crafts that reduce stress while encouraging their creative side.
Listening to Stories
Seniors often enjoy telling an old family story. Sharing stories is a gratifying way for us to know your loved ones well.
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We are happy to help keep your loved one’s space tidy and comfortable.

Meals mean dishes and we’re happy to help with the clean up.
Light Cleaning
Keeping spaces comfortable, tidy, and amenable throughout your loved one’s home.
We will clean up the clutter and take the trash to the curb while we’re at it.
We’re happy to help with laundry: washing, folding, and ironing.

We’re a Big Help

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the help we provide.

“They will treat you like family and desire to provide you the best possible care!”


“Cornerstone has been great for our family. They have been super responsive through the whole process.”


“Cornerstone provides incredibly caring, competent, and consistent service.”


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