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When your loved one returns from the hospital, our caregivers will be there to help them ease back into life as they fully recover. We keep them safe and help them get back on their feet.

“I have had a great experience with the Cornerstone team. Very knowledgeable about home care.”

pushing a senior in a wheel chair

There are times when aging adults, for one reason or another, need surgery. They have a high risk of surgery complications, and their recovery needs to be monitored very closely. If they are discharged from the hospital and allowed to recover from home, their average need for help exponentially increases.

medicine in pill case

After a successful surgery, the hospital discharge planner lets your loved one recover from home. That’s the good news. At the same time, there is a brand new medicine schedule, physical upkeep to remember, and a seemingly endless list of recovery expectations they might not recall easily.

Cornerstone Caregiving helps prevent hospital readmissions within 30 days. We assist your loved one with medicine reminders, physical upkeep, and normalization of new, necessary habits. Consistency is key as we walk alongside your loved one, making sure they recover successfully.

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